Custom Printing

File Submission Guidelines

File Prep, Color Management & Proofing

For Custom Prints
We recommend uploading a flattened TIF file at 150 dpi.

What other file types do you accept?
You can upload any JPG or PNG file under 40 MB.

I created my design using Adobe Illustrator. Should I upload my original .ai file?
We recommend that you do not upload a vector file, and instead export or save your file as a flattened TIF before submitting your file to SDL By The Yard. Uploading a JPG or PNG (if you don’t have a TIF) won’t affect your image quality, as vector files are always converted to a raster image before printing.

We recommend saving the file as a TIF on your end, so you can ensure that your file is correct before printing.

What if I don’t know how to save my file, save it incorrectly or don’t know if it repeats?
We’ll take a look at it for you and help you make sure everything is good for production.  The process will take a little longer to start your print run but you’ll be rest assured that your print will come out right.

FTP File Transfer
Once we receive your order, we will give you access to our FTP server for files over 30 MB.  You can use CuteFTP, Filezilla or CyberDuck as free-to-download software.

Common File Issues
We check many factors including the resolution, fonts, bleeds, size, color mode, bindery and folding setup, and safety zone for the files you upload. We do not proofread the text in your artwork.

Issues that we fix on your file, for free:

  • Convert Pantone or RGB colors to CMYK
  • Simple fixing of the bleed
  • Proportionately reduce or enlarge the image to fit your order dimensions
  • Center the artwork on the PDF proof
  • Check to see if your art is of good print quality

Color Management
Our printing process is calibrated to produce the closest approximation to your artwork right from the file.  We also match specific colors too whether it’s from a match print, Pantone or other color chips, fabric sample or previous print job.  Send it over to us and we’ll do our best to recreate your color.

Fabric Proofs

For long print runs and/or very specific color matches, we recommend a fabric proof for our customers to approve prior to production to ensure we fulfill your needs the rest of the way.  Inquire with our sales team for more details.

Custom Printing
File Submission

Please read our file submission guidelines before sending us your files.



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With great care we take to provide true-to-life color matching. We can not ensure the accuracy of the colors shown on a computer screen. Color variations beyond our control exist which prevent us from giving a guarantee on the correctness of the colors being viewed. These variations include web color variations, such as differences in browser settings; system-to-system platform color variations; and monitor color variations.